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Forever pissing myself at the irony that is white Americans being against immigration

You know it’s because these children are brown. You don’t hear anything about Ivan immigrating from Europe, or John from Canada. 

But Felipe and Esmeralda from Guatemala? They’re ILLEGALS 

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I don’t go running because I want to be thin.

I go running because










going to


show up


and tell you




this is literally my favorite running post of all time. hands down.

of all the so-called inspirational posts about runing, this one makes me want to pick up running most.




Three dimensional characters for the win.

"It feels better, right?" is the part that gets me, because it explains everything about Flash ever.

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paladinofthelantern asked
How did you first come up with Carth? Did he appear in a dream of yours?



When it came to Carth, he didn’t visually appear until I was trying to make a character sheet for a DA role-play group called “Z-Parasites”. Everything else about him has been stored in the back of my brain for as long as I can remember. I had my main character, Siofra, who was originally created as everything I wanted to be but then eventually became more of a braver, more heroic me. Carth is different since he connects more to my emotions then any other character.

So while drawing the app for the group, I just picked some cool creature (the entelodont) and made a were-creature out of it. He was ungodly difficult to draw since I had never drawn something like this before, and I could only go off of poor skeleton images found via google. The beast form was the first thing I drew, then later on, his human form came to be. At first, Carth was just some random character I barely connected with and didn’t know how long he would last. He was just some character that I needed in order to be in the RP group. I barely knew anything about him and didn’t know how he would think, act, or talk. However, that strange character personality in the back of my mind seemed to latch itself onto Carth, and suddenly, that character finally took on a form. They matched each other perfectly. Now, I’m not one of those people who makes a thousand characters and then just slaps on a personality. I make very few characters, but all of them must have something that fits them. I could have a fluffy, cuddly character, but an adorable personality won’t cut it. They need to have something else, like a sense of mind, a reason for living, etc. etc.. They can’t just be some character who will barely last or easily get bored with, which was what I originally had planned for Carth.

Now this personality has a form, and that is Carth Dieter.

Although I am no longer in that group, the character himself has expanded tremendously in a way I honestly never expected. Since leaving the group I was allowed to finally play with the character my way (I enjoy high amounts of fantasy a ton more then modernism since it allows more freedom) and his world just exploded in a way like it was trying to tell me, “Hey, I’ve been in the back of your mind for so long, and now I’m finally free! I must tell you my story, and I need your help to make it possible!” Now my mind is in overdrive and I have never felt so strongly about a character in such a very long time. There are characters I love, and then there are very, very few who hold a special place in my heart. My other character Siofra, however, will indeed cameo in his story in some place and time. ;D

Also I have never wanted to create a story nor write a book about a character this strongly before, and although it’ll take a very long time to create and piece all the scattered chunks of my mind together, I hope this motivation carries on so that one day I can write it all down and publish it. However this will have to be adult fiction because there’s a lot of dark fucked up moments in the story that is not suitable for the Young Adults category. xD

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